EP 82 - DeSantis says NO & other storiesListen now (81 min) | This is going to be a little different format for an episode. I've been putting together shorter video segments and releasing them exclusively on substack. This episode will have those videos after we go over a recent piece I wrote at
Analysis: El Salvador opens a mega-prisonJetzt ansehen (17 min) | human rights abuse or a necessary program?
So why did everyone jump on the story?
Ep 81 - World War III, for as long as it takesListen now (43 min) | Welcome to the foreseeable future
Why Matt Walsh is right about Dylan Mulvaney [premium]Watch now (22 min) | And why it matters
Spy Balloon: 1 Joe Biden: 0Watch now (16 min) | Shooting down science expir
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Daily Wire vs Steven Crowder
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