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Ep 35 - Interview w/ James Jenneman of the blackbird podcast

Ep 35 - Interview w/ James Jenneman of the blackbird podcast

Let's get deep

Welcome to the show

Sometimes it takes a little bit of time before you understand somebody enough to have the conversation you really want to have. Big thanks to James Jenneman of the Blackbird Podcast for coming on to do a marathon show with me!

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We start by talking about libertarianism, and end up discussing integral theory, religion, gender, and the Death of God (according to Nietzsche). What more can you ask for in a conversation? How about some chapter markers so you know what you’re getting into - I got you covered there.

To the people still learning long form podcasting my advice is this: throw this conversation on the next time you’re driving somewhere, cleaning your house, or doing something menial. The cerebral fireworks will help you along your work better than whistling can accomplish


0:00:00 -introductions

0:10:00 -why we produce content & the "truth

0:14:00 - libertarian "ish"

0:19:00 - a quick political history of James

0:21:00 - Is identity a paradox?

0:24:00 - post post modernism

0:27:00 - Let's talk gender?

0:33:00 - all boys talk

0:36:00 - non-dogmatic libertarians

0:40:00 - does the market provide? (& integral theory)

0:49:00 - Why I laugh -nondogmatism

0:51:00 - Post-modern neomarxists

0:54:00 - God is dead (and we have killed him)

1:02:00 - Is Jordan Peterson wrong?

1:14:00 - The Master, his Emissary, and ignorance

1:21:00 - Building better habits

1:31:00 - Faith, religion, orothodoxy, and mediation

1:42:00 - The counter-melody

1:50:00 - Fin

All the goodies

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Open Letter to Jordan Peterson (youtube)

Thaddeus Russell vs Stephen Hicks (does a free society need postmodernism?)

Thaddeus Russell vs Michael Rectenwald (postmodernism debate)

Richard Wolff vs Gene Epstein (capitalism vs socialism)

Leisure the Basis of Culture by Josef Pieper

The Gay Science by Freiderich Nietzsche

Why I laugh by L.B. Muñiz

Blackbird Podcast ep 8 Integrating With Bryan O’Doherty

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