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Ep 37 - Interview w/ Drew Hancock

Ep 37 - Interview w/ Drew Hancock

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Welcome to the show

It’s been fun to get to know other creators in this space, talking with Drew was no different. I’m not that old, but damn it’s cool to see these young dudes making a name for themselves.

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We start out discussing the police and what it’s like to talk with people about your philosophy when it’s so outside of the mainstream. Drew discusses his influences growing up, and why he choose to produce such (awesome) short content.

To the people still learning long form podcasting my advice is this: throw this conversation on the next time you’re driving somewhere, cleaning your house, or doing something menial. The cerebral fireworks will help you along your work better than whistling can accomplish


0:00:00 - introductions

0:08:00 - The police

0:22:00 - why anarchy

0:32::00 - what's in a name?

0:34:00 - who can we talk to?

0:39:00 - the racializing

0:43:00 - victims of the algorhithm

0:51:00 - Drew's process

0:57:00 - 4GW, NRX, BLM

1:03:00 - being serious in Politics

All the goodies

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