Apr 17, 2021 • 45M

Ep 42 - Four good questions about the police

time to level up

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Welcome to the show where we talk about news, philosophy, mindset, and what comes next in politics.
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It’s time to level up your reality

This weeks show will give you four good questions to ask about the police, and let you know what kind of summer we’re heading into. We now live in a country where rioting is called protesting, and where rioting is expected. After being locked down, stripped of meaning, and reprogrammed what else would you expect the herd to do? We’ll talk a little about reality, and why I feel like some of this covid craziness has me feeling like I’m in a video game. From now until my one year anniversary I’m offering a lifetime 50% membership for anyone who wants to level up their perception of reality. Join me!


Monday - Headlines of today

Tuesday - What obesity and sloth mean for your rights

Wednesday - Regulating human behavior in a simulation

Thursday - Applied liberty and your pokes

What else..?

My appearance on the Tower Gang Power Hour (nsfw)

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