May 23, 2021 • 49M

EP 47 - Lori Lightfoot is being mean!

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L.B. Muñiz
Welcome to the mission of Better Sensemaking! Join L.B. as he explores the realms of news, philosophy, and mindset to teach you what comes next in Politics! L.B. Muniz is the mind behind where the analysis is always original and rarely what you think! With a foundation in philosophical skepticism there is no better way to learn how to understand modern problems and explore modern solutions.
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Time to level up your reality

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In this episode I talk a little bit about my conception of the “spectre of marx” and why Socialists today don’t have a leg to stand on (in my estimation. We talk about some of the recent posts at, I give a little motivation and we close talking about why Lori Lightfoot won’t talk to white reporters anymore.

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Can we laugh a little bit?

Everything wrong with communism

I’m going to to guess antifa is still a thing

Head underwater and you tell me. . .

Multigenerational differences in cyberspace

What else..?

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot giving interviews only to journalists of color

Protesters chant outside Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot's home: 'It's not enough to be Black'

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