May 29, 2021 • 59M

Ep 48 - Black Hats, evil twitter, and Scott Horton

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L.B. Muñiz
Welcome to the mission of Better Sensemaking! Join L.B. as he explores the realms of news, philosophy, and mindset to teach you what comes next in Politics! L.B. Muniz is the mind behind where the analysis is always original and rarely what you think! With a foundation in philosophical skepticism there is no better way to learn how to understand modern problems and explore modern solutions.
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Time to level up your reality

On the livestream today (Saturday mornings from 10-12 central time) I covered the following Today we'll be covering

-my black hat

-the choice is yours (scott horton on tim pool)

-check out this this hot leak (lab leak hypothesis)

-it's hard to face evil

(only in the premium episode)

-a microchasm of debates on liberty twitter

-sarwark loses to malice

-that glamorous picture of a girl w/ facial hair


The choice is yours

Check out this hot leak

It’s hard to face evil

My black hat

What else..?

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