Jul 4, 2021 • 1HR 49M

Ep 55 - Spelunking the God-shaped hole w/ Adam Patrick

Yer talking over me!

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Welcome to the show where we talk about news, philosophy, mindset, and what comes next in politics.
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Time to level up your reality

Adam is going to introduce to this nascent idea known as post-libertarianism. At the outset, you might think that only libertarians should concern themselves with these ideas, but I think in the course of our conversation you will see the profound impacts for you and society. I think there’s something to the fact that being on the margin of political ideology, libertarianism might just be the next big thing. The only way it’s going to happen is if we can continue to honestly and systemically question our world to reach a greater understanding. That’s what I’m here to do, and I hope you join me

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He has some big names on there and he’s worth listening to in his own right


0:00 - Introduction to Post-Libertarian

18:00 - Accelerationism, the enlightenment, and faith

30:00 - Spelunking the God-shaped hole

37:00 - Limits and Liberalism

44:00 - The herd, human nature, and evolution

53:00 - That's culture

1:10:00 - Direction of elites

1:15:00 - JBP

1:29:00 - activism vs praxis

1:35:00 - generational messaging

1:43:00 - plugs

What else..?

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