Jul 18, 2021 • 50M

Ep 56 - Sterile Arguments bear no fruit


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It was my birthday this past week, so if you haven’t subscribed to my substack yet, please do so at beenawake.com/subscribe, If you believe in the mission of better sensemaking I ask that you level up your reality by becoming a paying subscriber. This episode we’re going to talk a lot about Cuba, next week I will too. If you didn’t know I’m second-generation Cuban-American, so what happens there hits close to home. The title of today’s episode is “sterile ideas bear no fruit” and the situation in Cuba highlights why this is true. We’re going to take a look at another piece of libertarian dogma, and dissect why you should adopt that mantra as well as “don’t be poor.” I’ll also let you know where you can see me on other people’s shows, and most importantly delineate why nihilism is boring.


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