Jul 25, 2021 • 1HR 13M

Ep 57 - Vampires, Individualism, & Black Lives

+ the end of the nation-state

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L.B. Muñiz
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Time to level up your reality

Today’s Episode we’re going to begin by talking about Vampirism and why the Biden Administration is pushing a narrative whereby his enemies believe he is sucking the blood from children. Then we’ll get into why Black Lives (don’t*) Matter, and what the US government’s role really is on the world stage. Closing out the show I’ll be addressing my response to @PopularLiberty_ and what I think of the current critiques of individualism after my conversation with Matt Erickson from Kingpilled.

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Black Lives (Don’t*) Matter

The US Coast Guard Defends Tyranny

A Reply to @PopularLiberty_

Video of biden talking about kid’s blood 1

Video of biden talking about kid’s blood 2

Video of Joe Biden saying America is Back?

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