Feb 13, 2022 • 1HR 41M

Ep 71 - From Quarks to Consciousness with Josiah

Known as @SodokuPolitburo on twitter

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L.B. Muñiz
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Hey, welcome to the show

*programming note*

You’ll notice there isn’t a snappy intro to this video like prior interviews. I really enjoy making them, but I can’t fit it into my production time anymore. There are too many things I want to cover! So from now on I’ll open interviews solo and bring the guest in (like every other podcast you listen to).

I haven’t released a solo episode, but I’ve recently sat down with a few other podcasters you should definitely check them out.

Currently available are my recent appearances on Blackbird with James Jenneman, On The Run with Remso Martinez, and Counterflow with Buck Johnson. Soon to be released is an interview with Carlos Abelar’s show Los Libertinos back to today’s conversation.

I recently sat down with Josiah who goes by @sodokupolitburo on Twitter. One of the reasons I started a podcast was to explore ideas, how people think fascinates me, especially when someone comes at it from an unorthodox place.

I don’t think I do a disservice Josiah when I say he has incredible instincts for how systems come together, but how he gets there won’t be familiar to most people.

This is an interview you’ll want to listen to closely.

The beginning of the conversation is a download of Josiah’s perspective, you’ll hear me try to put the pieces together, acting as a “midwife of ideas” as Socrates was fond of saying. And we end as always somewhere interesting.

This is the philosophy part of the news, mindset, and philosophy I cover at BeenAwake.com

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