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Ep 81 - World War III, for as long as it takes

Ep 81 - World War III, for as long as it takes

Welcome to the foreseeable future

In this episode, we discuss the implications of the war in Ukraine for the future of geopolitics by looking at recent speeches given by President Joe Biden and President Vladimir Putin. I put together a super cut of each should you be interested in watching those by your self, premium subscribers will have access to them by the end of the week.

Both Presidents claimed their war was not with the people of either country, but if Democracy is truly at stake, or the Russian way of life is truly in peril - why not escalate further? I think we all knew this conflict wouldn’t end quickly - now we know the Biden Administration will choose to extend it through his Presidency. Who breaks first is anybody’s guess - after all it’s out of our control.

Transcript: Biden’s speech

Transcript: Putin’s speech

Video: Biden’s full speech

Video: Putin’s full speech

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