Jun 19 • 43M

Ep 84 - Poking fun at foolish Pride

the line between degeneracy and debauchery

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L.B. Muñiz
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A loyal listener wanted me to take it to the woke, so that’s what we’ll do in episode 84. We’re over halfway through yet another pride month, and I’m reminded of the cliché about how a bankruptcy happens - slowly and then all at once. While for many people the idea of queerness seems brand new, the ideas have been incubating for some time. Unfortunately the life these ideas bring is quite ugly and misshapen but nonetheless it exists. Together we’ll watch some videos that demonstrate this new inverted morality and pick apart not only their arguments but why they make them in the first place. Don’t forget! The best and quickest way to access the latest piece of better sensemaking is to go to beenawake.com and subscribe with your email, and do me a favor - share this show with a friend you think will enjoy the content, and an escape from the woke. Follow me everywhere @TheLBMuniz.

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