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Ep 93 - The Disaffected Lib

Been Awake with LB

Welcome to the show, in this episode I want you to walk with me as we talk about a category of people I’m calling the disaffected liberal or “disaffected lib.” Over the course of our conversation, we’ll look at a few popular commentators like Bill Maher, Colin Wright, and Adam Crigler that I think embody this archetype and discover the common thread that links them together. We also explore the latest boogey man dejure Christian Nationalism.

Been Awake
Been Awake with LB
Welcome to the mission of Better Sensemaking! Join L.B. as he explores the realms of news, philosophy, and mindset to teach you what comes next in Politics! L.B. Muniz is the mind behind where the analysis is always original and rarely what you think! With a foundation in philosophical skepticism there is no better way to learn how to understand modern problems and explore modern solutions.