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Ep 98 Why an edgelord will never rule

Been Awake with LB

Welcome to the show! I go live every tuesday and wednesday to talk about the news and important cultural and philosophical concepts missing from the discourse. Go follow me on X @thelbmuniz to join one of the spaces live and add your voice! In this episode I have a monologue or prepared piece about something that has been rattling in my mind for awhile now. It has to do with how we on the right should be orienting ourselves. I think too many have become comfortable being cast out to the edges of acceptable discourse, and unless we march to the center we will never take the appropriate place as guarantors of order. Listen to learn more and please let me know your thoughts in the comments or by reaching out directly. This is something I want feed back on.

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Been Awake
Been Awake with LB
Welcome to the mission of Better Sensemaking! Join L.B. as he explores the realms of news, philosophy, and mindset to teach you what comes next in Politics! L.B. Muniz is the mind behind where the analysis is always original and rarely what you think! With a foundation in philosophical skepticism there is no better way to learn how to understand modern problems and explore modern solutions.