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More money for Israel and flirty covid | Been Awake with LB | 94

In this gripping episode of "Been Awake with LB," LB Muniz dives into the controversial $1 billion aid package recently passed for Israel, shedding light on the elements withheld from a previous aid package and the implications for the region. As if that weren't enough, LB also discusses the latest subvariants of COVID-19, now known as FLiRT, and their potential impact on global health.

Join LB as he dissects the intricacies of international aid and pandemic response, offering a unique perspective on these pressing issues. Get the inside scoop on the latest developments and stay informed with LB's sharp analysis and engaging commentary.

Don't miss out on this enlightening conversation – follow @thelbmuniz on X and Instagram for more insights, and search for "Been Awake with LB" in your favorite podcast or video player to tune in to this must-listen episode.

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