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Spy Balloon: 1 Joe Biden: 0

Shooting down science expir

This video is for premium subscribers. Since you were willing to donate to the cause of better sensemaking, I want to make sure you’re getting what you need - content from yours truly. These segments will be short conversations about a news story of the day or a hot take from a media personality. Basically anything that strikes my fancy but I don’t cover on the regular podcast. The main distribution will be these videos here on substack (consider getting the app! I just activated the chat feature.

These will either be released individually in audio format for premium subscribers, and/or strung together into a longer episode for premium or free. Haven’t quite decided yet and I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

I’ll also include transcripts of these videos at the bottom.

Today we’re going to discuss why the Chinese Spy Balloon was a success for China, and why it makes the Biden Regime look very weak. That’s a problem even if you don’t care for this President.

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