Sep 25, 2021 • 1HR 5M

Ep 60 - Trashing AOC's dress w/ the Voluntary Vixens

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L.B. Muñiz
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I think I initially asked the Vixens to come on the show back in June. We finally had our schedules lined up just in time for The Met. After we get the introductions out of the way, we talk about our perceptions of someone like AOC, we end up talking about what it’s been like losing friends and a couple of my favorite subjects - generational differences and of course the paradox of identity.

Here’s where you can find the Vixens

Main Instagram

Main Twitter (prob Jessie)

Other Twitter (prob Maddie)

They’re also part of the Make Liberty Great Again Network, which brings together a bunch of great shows.


0:00:00 INTRO

0:04:00 - Introductions

0:11:00 - AOC @ The Met

0:24:15 - Fealty, Identity, and the pills

0:31:40 - Generational differences & media

0:36:00 - Losing friends

0:49:00 - How times change

0:53:00 - Worship your betters

1:04:00 - Plugs

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