Oct 11, 2021 • 1HR 0M

Ep 62 - Is Liberty Popular? with other stories

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Welcome to the show where we talk about news, philosophy, mindset, and what comes next in politics.
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Sat down Sunday morning and caught up with what I’ve been writing at BeenAwake.com

I’m starting to see why people hire producers, but everything we go over today culminates in a question: are you really free?


Newsbite: AOC @ The Met

Newsbite: San Fran Mayor Moved by The Spirit

Newsbite: Tim Pool vs Jack Murphy

Newsbite: third times the charm!

Newsbite: Will Facebook recover?

Newsbite: Facebook Whistleblower in Congress

Newsbite: Government Shutdown

Newsbite: Do you hear the people sing?

Movie Review: Reminiscence

Is liberty popular?

What else..?

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