Oct 18, 2021 • 1HR 24M

Ep 63 - Become F*ckable w/ @Rothbirdian

Non-conforming patriotism

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I recently sat down with a new friend from twitter, who for the purposes of this conversation will go by her online account name @Rothbirdian. During our conversation we touch upon a variety of topics, including whether we are patriots - the differences in her perspective as an immigrant, and how relationships have suffered over the last year. We also talk about some silliness surrounding a certain segment of dude who would are faux Trad as I’d call them. We get personal, we get deep. Audio is a bit of an issue, but still listenable. I hope you enjoy this conversation, and if you’re a fan of @Rothbirdian just stopping by, subscribe with your email so we can keep in touch!


0.00.00 - Intro

0.07.00 - Introductions

0.17.00 - Nonconforming patriotism

0.22.00 - Opines on Anarchy

0.30.00 - Relationships during the pandemic

0.37.00 - Pressure from Doctors

0.43.00 - The False Trad Dude

0.57.00 - People don't want to look good

1.07.00 - Virtual Relationships

1.17.00 - Getting better

1.20.00 - Plugs

1.23.48 - Fin

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