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Ep 64 - Leaving your homeland w/ James Guzman

Ep 64 - Leaving your homeland w/ James Guzman

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I recently spoke with James Guzman (twitter) from where in addition to hosting an interesting interview show also helps you figure out how to leave the country of your birth. Becoming an expatriate isn’t a new concept, surely we all remember the American artists at the turn of the century who took up residence in a place like Paris. France might not be your final destination, but that doesn’t mean becoming an expat isn’t in your future. While many people assume America is the freest country in the world, it doesn’t answer whether America is the freest country for you. That and so much more is what we discuss during our conversation which I was happy to have. Let me know what you think on Twitter, and if you’re a fan of James and just stopped by don’t forget to subscribe with your email so we don’t lose touch.


0.00.00 - Intro

0.04.00 - Introductions

0.08.00 - Helping people expatriate

0.16.00 - Immigration and the American Dream

0.23.00 - Arguing with Socialists

0.28.00 - How difficult is it to move to Mexico?

0.36.00 - What made AMLO different?

0.42.00 - Progressivism is Corporate

0.50.00 - Left & Right

1.01.00 - Confirmation bias while in Covid

1.05.00 - Plugs

1.08.40 - Fin

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