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Ep 73 - The Post-Libertarian Prescription

Ep 73 - The Post-Libertarian Prescription

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This week on the show we will be covering the last few sections of my essay "The post-libertarian moment defined.” Personally this will mark a change in the focus of my content. I'm happy to still go on other shows and talk about the essay, but what I have realized since I wrote the essay is that I need to be looking and talking to people about what is next. While the essay was directed towards libertarians and deals with whether the LP is a viable vehicle for political change, there are larger principles we can draw from and apply to a broader population. To those who have come aboard over the last few months thanks for giving a small newsletter like mine a chance, let's spread this message of better sensemaking across the country!


What it is not

What it means

The Divide

The Prescription

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Been Awake
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