[Clip] Individualism vs Collectivism DESTROYEDWatch now (1 min) | on 2Bit Podcast with Mark & Jason
the midterms change everything
[Clip] How Silicon Valley got WokeWatch now (1 min) | on Year Zero with Tommy Salmons
[Clip] Reverse-Engineering ReligionWatch now (1 min) | On Year Zero with Tommy Salmons
Ep 78 - LIVE! HONEST! Reaction to Joe Biden's "Soul of the Nation" SpeechListen now (62 min) | For this episode there are no notes. I’m going to going to watch Joe Biden's recent prime time address "on the Continued Battle…
freedom of expression is good again
Ep - 77 A world without orgiesListen now (78 min) | because it made you look, didn't it?
Ep 76 - Who wins in a Democracy?Listen now (62 min) | It's not you
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