Daily Wire vs Steven Crowder

January 2023

a meta-examination of media narratives
Ep 80 - Are you down with the cause?Listen now (42 min) | the tension between belief and business
Checking in on the 118th Congress
Ep 79 - The Dogmatic Sam HarrisListen now (55 min) | Who wants the world to be different

November 2022

[Clip] Individualism vs Collectivism DESTROYEDRegardez maintenant (1 min) | on 2Bit Podcast with Mark & Jason

October 2022

the midterms change everything

September 2022

[Clip] How Silicon Valley got WokeWatch now (1 min) | on Year Zero with Tommy Salmons
[Clip] Reverse-Engineering ReligionWatch now (1 min) | On Year Zero with Tommy Salmons
Ep 78 - LIVE! HONEST! Reaction to Joe Biden's "Soul of the Nation" SpeechListen now (62 min) | For this episode there are no notes. I’m going to going to watch Joe Biden's recent prime time address "on the Continued Battle…

August 2022

freedom of expression is good again

July 2022

Ep - 77 A world without orgiesListen now (78 min) | because it made you look, didn't it?