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Update: 10/31/21

News, Philosophy, & Mindset

Content Schedule as of (11/1/20)

Mondays: I generally cover a major news story from the previous week. Here you will find an analysis that includes references for a better understanding, and original source documentation when I can find it. It takes a lot of time to properly cite articles, you’d be surprised how few tend to do this. I like to do this to help me remember where and how I came across particular arguments.

Tuesdays: I develop or describe an idea important to my understanding of the world. Here you will find an economic principle, or perhaps a unique philosophical idea explored. This analysis can be labor intensive, and might not be the best reading for your Tuesday morning, but it will be a place you come back to as a reference in future conversations.

Wednesdays: I don’t know exactly what I’ll talk about. Here you will find another news story, a cool interview, a call to action, or further exploration of an idea. All will be done in an effort to help you better make sense of the world.

Thursdays: I will recommend a piece of content for you to consume. Here I will present with minimal commentary a piece of content I think is worth your investment. This will often be an insight in to what I’m looking at but not yet discussing. These are the nodes of the network that help shape the content I deliver to you, that is to say (as you might guess) better sensemaking.

Fridays: I will post an episode of my podcast. (12.6.20) I’ve noticed my audience is split between readers and listeners. Every Friday I will cover the four preceding posts on the website, and end on a story that isn’t important but is fun to cover. Any episodes I release on the weekends will involve interviews and deep dives into different topics currently I will do these as I think to/can schedule guests. There are formats of show I will experiment with, but the default state here is exploration. The podcast will be an area I take risks, and explore territory beyond what I write. For the most part it is stream of consciousness, as I figure out what works, I appreciate your continued feedback.

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