Jan 25, 2022 • 1HR 10M

Ep 70 - Moral narratives and political theater

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Today’s episode will be a twitter sandwich, we’ll start with some rapid fire tweets I sent out since the last episode and end with some more. In the middle will be a discussion from my essay “The Post-Libertarian Moment Defined” where I’ll discuss what it is and why it happened. Most importantly though, we’re going to be examining the recent exchange between Dr. Anthony Fauci and Senator Dr. Rand Paul during a Senate committee hearing. There’s an important unexplored angle to the exchange other podcasters aren’t covering.

Honestly the show could end up being completely different than that. I’ve started writing my descriptions before I do the episode. Just another reason to listen and see what we talk about!


What it is

Why it happened

How Anthony Fauci fights Rand Paul

Twitter Round up #5

Twitter Round up #6

What else..?

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