Sitemap - 2020 - Been Awake

Scott Adams takes on narcissism

How Vox will shape your brain

Idea Laundering and Sensemaking

Will Trump sign for Covid relief?

Ep 20 - Merry Christmas and Thanks for your patronage!

Learn a little about UBI

The Not So Strange, Yang Gang Change

The muzzle on your mouth

Are we rounding the corner?

EP 19 - Government is responsible, not your grocery store

If you're hardcore

It's not cool to get kicked out

Against Political Fatalism

YouTube abandons the free world

Ep 18 - Rand Paul lights up warmongers, wanna buy me coffee?

Would you like to laugh or learn?

The shortest ruling I've ever read

Withholding judgment on election fraud

Wait... what did Biden say?

Ep 17 - TAX THE RICH and other stories

RIP Walter Williams

Student debt won't be canceled

How to become an expert

Something interesting happened in Toronto

EP 16 - Don't be a Disinformed Binary (also new podcast name!)

I'm thankful for your readership

Dis- or Mis-

Stop with the binary's

Rules for thee but not for me

Ep 15 - Is Giuliani playing Mueller?

The Covid Cult | Tom Woods

Dunces, Dictators, and Democracy

Stop calling them Liberals

Can a sitting president stage a coup?

Ep 14 - Put your head between your knees. . .

Kanye West | Joe Rogan Experience

I take AOC seriously

The meme that changed my life

Deadlines for the 2020 Election


Ep 12 - Not about the election results

Remember remember the 5th of November

thoughts @ midnight after election

The Good, Bad, & Ugly of Unconscious Bias Training

Glenn Greenwald Resigns from Intercept

Ep 11 - Prisoners of California, unite!

have you heard a trumpet with four valves?

Professor who teaches propaganda critiqued

Take, Kill, Imprison

Do you believe public health experts?

Ep 10 - Just Kidding, there was a Presidential Debate

Watch episode 6 of electric dreams

pt 2 - How to plot a point in space

pt 1 - Why we don't need intersectionality

The ban heard round the world

Ep 9 - Tortoise vs The Hair (president town halls)

This email will probably get blocked

Why no malarkey Joe won't answer

Can we still have private speech?

Give them the gift of sensemaking

Ep 8 - I read an article

Did you watch last night?

Tom Woods on Unregistered | Thaddeus Russell

My First Red Pill

Discrimination and Disparities | Thomas Sowell

Ep 7 - 1st Debate pt 2 - The Culture War

Ep 6 - Trump vs Wallace Vs Biden

The New Religion | Sam Harris w/ John McWorter

The JRE fault line

What to look for in tonight's debate

Ep 5 - BONUS SHOW! Pre-debate analysis

BLM Toronto Co-Founder Shares Her Views | Gad Saad

Manipulation | Jason Stapleton

Ep 4 - Are you the Remnant?

Is this why the riots are stopping? | Tim Pool

Why you can't change the channel on Netflix

What racists have in common with the woke

Ep 3 - Individualism & Collectivism

Don't give up the high ground

Ep 2 - Go all the way down Karen

7 Ways Social Justice Silences | Peter Boghossian

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Ep 1 - A brief introduction

A charitable conversation about Socialism

What's a man to the mob?

Market Vs Mobs | Jeff Deist talk

The Judge says take your rights seriously

The better path begins

Commentary and Philosophy against the woke