What recent shakeups in the Pentagon could mean
you're getting two podcasts this week to cover this important political event!
"But you gotta admit it works on paper right?" Wrong.
spoiler: he did late Sunday night
and so should you
Ep 18 - Rand Paul lights up warmongers, wanna buy me coffee?Listen now (51 min) | Been Awake is for Better Sensemaking Subscribe and Share for better content every weekday
Two masters of their field come together for an epic 3 hour conversation.
EP 16 - Don't be a Disinformed Binary (also new podcast name!)Listen now (49 min) | Happy Black Friday my turkey-infused friends. I hope you enjoyed your holiday with people who matter. You are now officially…
let's see how late I stayed up
what I've learned writing this newsletter
a lesson in skepticism
For the soul of slavic people