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Ep 69 - The future is bright for The Free

Ep 69 - The future is bright for The Free

Pete Quinones drops in!

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Episode 69? Nice

Happy New Year! I hope everyone enjoyed a the holidays in a manner of your choosing. For me it meant Christmas with family, and New Year’s with friends. Today on the show, we’re going to go over the articles that I’ve been publishing at We’ll start by reading the post I wrote on New Years Eve, transition into reading 3 sections of my essay “The Post-Libertarian Moment Defined”, and wrap up with two pieces I’m rather fond of [with special guest Pete Quiñones!] - “Evolution beats Androgyny” and “Conservatives: Stop Protesting at Applebee’s”. If we have time we’ll go over some recent tweets.


The future is bright for The Free


2020 Lockdowns


Evolution beats Androgyny

Conservatives: Stop protesting at Applebee's

L.B.'s weekly twitter round-up #3

L.B.'s weekly Twitter Round up #4

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