Sitemap - 2022 - Been Awake

[Clip] Individualism vs Collectivism DESTROYED

The point of Student Loan "forgiveness"

[Clip] How Silicon Valley got Woke

[Clip] Reverse-Engineering Religion

Ep 78 - LIVE! HONEST! Reaction to Joe Biden's "Soul of the Nation" Speech

Salmon Rushdie saves Liberalism

Ep - 77 A world without orgies

Ep 76 - Who wins in a Democracy?

They Have Uncrowned Him: Live Reading and Analysis

On "sounding kinda c*nty"

[Premium] Seriously, go touch grass

[Clip] 75.2 Don't defend demographic straw men

[Clip] 75.1 Why the SPLC lies about demographics

The Post Libertarian Moment Defined

[Clip] 74.1 - The real reason we fund the War in Ukraine

Ep 75 - Baby shortages and straw men

Ep 74 - Elon Musk, Ukraine, and abortion

Limits on [being]

Replying to "the myth of free speech absolutism"

Celebrate with your mask off

4.11.22 Neutralize Rhetoric

Culture and Consciousness

Ep 73 - The Post-Libertarian Prescription

Twitter Roundup #9

A Ukraine/Russia Timeline that makes sense

Ep 72 - Raging about Ukraine?

A crash course in geopolitics

Is this the end of the world?

A lesson from: "4th Generational Warfare Handbook"

The Prescription

Ep 71 - From Quarks to Consciousness with Josiah

Weekly Twitter Round-up #8

The Divide

L.B.'s Weekly Twitter Round up #7

What it means

Why they're "suddenly" telling The Truth

Ep 70 - Moral narratives and political theater

What it is not

L.B.'s Twitter Round up #6

How Anthony Fauci fights Rand Paul

L.B.'s Twitter round up #5

Why it happened

What it is

Ep 69 - The future is bright for The Free

L.B.'s weekly Twitter Round up #4

Conservatives: Stop protesting at Applebee's