Sitemap - 2021 - Been Awake

The future is bright for The Free

2020 Lockdowns

L.B.'s weekly twitter round-up

Evolution beats Androgyny


Bad ESPN, based JK, and other stories

Ep 68 - Getting to the bottom of virtue signals

The Libertarian Moment

4 day work week, Demons on TikTok, and a white black woman's story

What Moralizing accomplishes

There is no post-libertarian"ism"

Ep 67 - AMA about

I was on Lions of Liberty

Ep 66 - Giving Thanks (& how I triggered the Agorists)

[Premium] A scoop you won't want to miss

Why I don't deal in conspiracies pt 3

Friendly potshots at Agorism

Ep 65 - Unmoderated NAP debate with @LiquidZulu

Spreading the truth with Trump?

Your Daily News 10.26.21

Your daily news with LB, live at 6:15pm ET

Chapelle Reaction: Your Daily News 10.22.21

Ep 64 - Leaving your homeland w/ James Guzman

Reaction: Anti-war debate held in NYC

Newsbite: Dead at 84 - Colin Powell

Ep 63 - Become F*ckable w/ @Rothbirdian

Live tonight!

Newsbite: I don't care about Gabby Petito

How you take your medicine

Ep 62 - Is Liberty Popular? with other stories

Ep 62, live on YouTube!

Newsbite: Do you hear the people sing?

Newsbite: Government Shutdown

Newsbite: Facebook Whistleblower in Congress

Newsbite: Will Facebook recover?

Movie Review: Reminiscence

Newsbite: third times the charm!

Is liberty popular?

[Premium] Ep 61 - Aliens!

Ep 60 - Trashing AOC's dress w/ the Voluntary Vixens

Newsbite: Tim Pool vs Jack Murphy

Newsbite: San Fran Mayor Moved by The Spirit

Newsbite: AOC @ The Met

EP 59 - L.B. & friend live! with @get.manetamed [maker]

[Premium] Links to my episodes on Youtube

Ep 59 Now on Youtube!

It's time to grow up

On writing my Grandfather's Obituary

EP 58 - What a billionaire told me about the Fed

Part 3: The corruption surrounding Simone

Part 2: Simone Biles and the Corporate Press

Part 1: Did Simone Biles make you mad?

The future in 3 flags

The University I wish I attended

Ep 57 - Vampires, Individualism, & Black Lives

[Premium] Zoom room for live recording of EP 57!

About to record Ep 57 Live on Youtube!

A Reply to @PopularLiberty_

The US Coast Guard defends tyranny

Black Lives (don't*) Matter

Ep 56 - Sterile Arguments bear no fruit

Giving thanks


Recent Appearances

Ep 55 - Spelunking the God-shaped hole w/ Adam Patrick

Ep 54 - Paradoxes and building wealth

Stop Being Poor

Defining paradox

Your marching orders for CRT

Ep 53 - "I called him a [censored]" w/ Nick Ashley

Ep 52 - My faith in irreverence and our clip show president

Why corporate comedy sucks

Why I would have debated Sam Seder

An apology for irreverence

Ep 51 - The Pantheonic Approach

The Pantheonic method

What branch of philosophy has caused the most human suffering?

There's no playing catch up

The most dangerous word beginning with 'I'

Ep 50 - Narrative Discipline and Social Control

The utility of false information

Is this why things are changing?

Ep 49 - In-group signaling the out-group sees

Ep 48 - Black Hats, evil twitter, and Scott Horton

It's hard to face evil

The choice is yours

My black hat

Check out this hot leak

EP 47 - Lori Lightfoot is being mean!

I'm gonna guess Antifa is still a thing

Multi generational differences in cyberspace

Head underwater, and you tell me....

Can we laugh a little bit?

Everything wrong with communism

Ep 46 - Slow talkers and Materialism

Consciousness Explained (kinda)

Doctors talking about better solutions

The Zenith of enlightenment

Our president sounds pretty good

Ep 45 - Saving society with propaganda

Talk that liberty fire

Why propaganda works

The true origins of conspiracy theories

Make it easy for the police

Ep 44 - Reaction to a feminist meme [premium]

Ep 43 - Do what you love and stand for something

Don't hate what you do

Human behavior and marketing

On the nature of second thoughts

Is leaving Afghanistan the right decision?

Ep 42 - Four good questions about the police

Applied Liberty and your pokes

Regulating Human Behavior in a Simulation

What obesity and sloth means for your rights

Headlines of today

Ep 41 - This is what a fascist sounds like

The ties between the woke and communism

Epistemic Humility and personality

There is always more to say - Vaccine Passports and Fatalism

Have you been watching the Chauvin trial?

Ep 40 - Should men care about their looks, jobs, and bank account? (premium!)


This is something you have to think about

Can we talk about Joe Biden's dog?

All this has happened before

Fear and loathing in Georgia

Ep 38 - My message to the cowards in America

Have I made a horrible mistake?

How Unions help their workers

Breaking Code Silence

I did send an article this morning, I swear!

Our President cancelled student debt!

Ep 37 - Interview w/ Drew Hancock

Ep 36 - how to fight for 15 and take even more

What lockdowns have done

There are four lights

Why you should fight for 15

Open borders? or closed borders?

Ep 35 - Interview w/ James Jenneman of the blackbird podcast

Ep 34 - What does "O" stand for?

"O" is for Oligarchy!

"I'll wait another year and a half"

What is your white identity?

Here comes the monies

Ep 33 - Cuddly Cuomo and Conservative Cowardice

So you want to learn about Congress?

Will Texas become a wasteland?

Do you believe in free speech?


Ep 32 - Oh Biden!

Elon Musk shows the way

There is always more to say

Re-education Schools

Let's talk about "different norms"

Ep 31 - Commies, Kooks, and Tacos

Go follow me on social media

Fear the gun grabbers.... fear them!

The strange death of America's Legislature

2 Impeachments 0 Convictions

Ep 30 - Damn, why did no one tell me about Gina?

Should I be covering the Senate trial?

I finally downloaded Spotify

Why I don't deal in conspiracies

I should have written about this last night

Ep 29 - Snowed in

do journalists distort reality?

Who can be called a philosopher?

Rescuing words

Economic fundamentals, by $GME

Ep 28 - Analyzing Biden's Inaugural

Ep 27 - Surprise! You don't really own any stocks

Private citizens don't get impeached

Joe Biden's inaugural address

so here's what I mean when I say

Thankfully we've rejoined the WHO

Ep 26 - All hail President Joe Biden

Meet Mencius Moldbug

I wanted to send you this quick note

Where does creativity come from?

All Hail President Joe Biden

Ep 25 - Interview w/ Jose Galison from The Liberty Movement | No Way Jose

Ep 24 - Addiction, scapegoats, and laughter

The first step to road of recovery

The ritual we are living through

Why I laugh

Is it time to purge yourself?

Ep 23 - Who is the the terrorist?

An on the ground account

Your mantra for 2021

Will the radical right-wing run rabid?

Gear up for another crazy week in politics

Ep 22 - Interview w/ American Huddle Podcast

Ep 21 - Welcome to 2021